Bring me with you

Portamiconte is an online shop that was born with the intention of
give smiles and treat yourself to emotions, for ourselves and for the people we love.


Bracciale “portami con te”.  Pensare di donare un battito, quello che accompagna... 

Clutch bag

Pochette “portami con te”  Nel percorso di vita della donna ci sono... 

Bag Shop

Borsa Shopper  “portami con te”  Minimal? si questa shopper è stata ideata... 

Idee regalo

Stai cercando l'idea giusta per la persona che ami?

Su portamiconte trovi tantissimi pensieri ricchi d'emozione.

  • The shop

    Is it possible to give emotions? With us, perhaps, you can transfer them... Portamiconte, yes, all attached, enter the world of emotions, give yourself uniqueness.

  • Personalized

    Account holder products can be customized. The feeling of giving what we have always wanted for others, now you can, thanks to our customizations.

  • Eco friendly

    Many of the products you will find in our store are part of the ECO chain. Yute, wood, organic or recycled cotton. Mostly natural fibers to bring a new world with us.

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Possiamo regalare qualcosa di diverso, sempre, qualcosa che non tutti hanno. In... 

Clutch bag

Pochette “portami con te”  Nel percorso di vita della donna ci sono... 

  • Hand embroidered

    Some of the portamicount products are entirely sewn and embroidered by hand. We try to satisfy the need of our customers through the realization of their wishes.

  • What to give

    Christmas, Valentine's Day and all-occasion gifts. Birthdays, anniversaries or simple moments to share. Portamiconte is a brand born to convey emotions, only with them can gifts become unique.

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